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Share Brand Ethos,
Inspire Innovation

A homebase to showcase product knowledge
and brand heritage for every season.


Creative Lifecycle Management

What's useful is not the 1,000 pieces of assets your brand produce every season.... it's the Top 10. Enwoven's CLM helps you curate brand knowledge and inspire innovation as you create best selling products every season. As an add-on, choose from any of our services package for a turnkey digital solution (Workflow, Implementation, or Archival Services).

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A visual vault for product stories and digital assets, self organized based on time, location, teams, and more. Product knowledge and stories are automatically preserved into brand memory as a source of new inspiration and single source of truth for everyone, season over season.

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Pull from your DAM or CMS and work across creative departments and file types (3D/2D, Videos, PPTX, etc) in one application instead of scattered across different channels. Curate the best assets and context so other teams can deliver innovative products with reduced friction.

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Demonstrate provenance and protect creative work across seasons. Integrate rich metadata seamlessly during the product creation timeline and go-to-market for the next generation of utility and IP.

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A Product Vault

Enwoven accelerates brand-wide alignment so designers, product teams, marketers, legal, and agency partners can focus on the most important job at hand — developing the best products and compelling campaigns. Here are just a few of the benefits we provide:

  • Ensure the most important product information and vital work do not get lost
  • Storytelling to ensure heritage and present-day content is maximally discovered, understood, and remembered
  • Securely share with the rest of the organization and agency partners so that knowledge is democratized
  • The whole team stays correct and current without heavy organizational overhead.
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A laptop showing an Enwoven collection called, "Concept & Planning".  The collection displays fashion and product design assets. On top of the collection is another browser window with an Enwoven thread that is collecting design assets from design team members.



  • Wide file type and multimedia support (2D/3D, videos, audio, PPTX, Spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Drag and drop files
  • Bulk upload
  • Integrations with Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, and more
  • Upload link to request files and stories from others, including guests


  • Visual templates such as timelines, maps, grid, and presentations
  • Self-organizing visuals based on metadata (time, location, etc.)
  • Unique digital identifiers
  • View stories and assets by tags
  • Customizable dashboard and templates

search & discover

  • OCR and in-document term search
  • Elastic search
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Tagging
  • Skim, swim, or dive into information

easy editing

  • Add context to assets with audio, text, and more
  • Pre-set metadata and custom fields
  • Bulk tagging
  • Bulk metadata editing
  • Manage visibility of individual assets
  • Add thumbnails to non-visual assets

permissions & privacy

  • Asset-level permission settings
  • Manage permissions for Public, Organization, and Private collections
  • User management for organization and external guests
  • Share links to pages, assets, collections, and portfolios
  • Toggle download permissions
  • Expiring permissions for external guests

security & implementation

  • Cloud security
  • No code environment
  • Fast deployment
  • SSO
  • Custom branding for enterprise
  • Branded portal log-in
Image of an Enwoven collection about concept design and planning
Screenshot of a design asset being viewed on Enwoven. The asset is a 3D model of a coat.
Screenshot of an Enwoven collection called Global Customer Stories. The collection shows Enwoven's map view with content from a team in London displayed.
A screenshot of an Enwoven timeline. The timeline shows a milestone from April, which holds content from the product creation and design process from that month.

"ENWOVEN is a key workflow technology to inspire creative teams and protect brand concepts so they remain intact throughout the entire product lifecycle."

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