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Stories matter.

A digital platform and services to capture and preserve culture, legacy, and stories

Real Use Cases

Click to see customer examples and how Enwoven empowers organizations to celebrate heritage and share critical knowledge. As an add-on, choose from our Archival or Creative Services package for a turnkey digital solution.

  • Connect families and organizations to the purpose and impact of family foundations & philanthropy
  • Interactive collections filled with artifacts and stories (photos, videos, important documents, voice notes)
  • Project support available to offset admin and consulting work
Tell Your Levi's Stories
  • Democratize storytelling with Enwoven
  • Invite internal and external stakeholders to contribute their stories
  • Build engagement and preserve real memories
Launch of
  • Deep dive into a specific moment in organization’s history
  • Analysis of decisions and context
  • Multimedia storytelling heightens stickiness and retention
Impact by Zephyr
  • Narrative of a company’s story and themes
  • Timeline history & slideshows of major achievements
  • Incorporate pictures, videos, audio for multimedia context and knowledge preservation

Amplify your organization’s impact and founding story.

See how Enwoven can help you capture and share your legacy.